The Laundry Room Flooring Guide

Finding the perfect flooring for your laundry room is a little different than most other spaces in your home. There are some additional criteria that need to be considered when you’re looking at flooring options. You’ll want to be looking for a flooring material that encompasses all of these traits: Holds up well against moisture… Read more »

Luxury Vinyl Tile vs. Porcelain Tile: A Flooring Guide

Here at Floor Coverings International® of we’ve been working on quite a few luxury vinyl tile and high quality porcelain tile installations. We firmly believe that both are excellent flooring options. If you’re unsure of which direction to go, we’re here to help you make your decision! The four main flooring aspects we’re going to… Read more »

At Home Stone And Tile Care

Here at Floor Coverings International® of we’ve been busier than ever with flooring projects. Recently, we’ve done several tile and stone flooring installations. While everyone is spending a little extra time at home, we think this is a great opportunity to offer some information on proper at-home stone and tile care. There are so many… Read more »

The Top Home Office Flooring Options

With so many people working from home right now you might be coming to the realization that work from home might be around for a while! Maybe it’s even a change that you’re growing to love. Whatever the case may be, we’re here to help you pick out the perfect flooring for your home office.… Read more »

How To Plan and Prepare For A Flooring Project

While you’re staying safe at home, a great way to be productive with your time is to plan and prepare for your future flooring project! Being proactive and figuring out your budget, the size of the project, and plans for moving your furniture will make the entire process much easier. Planning The planning phase of… Read more »

How To Clean Your Vinyl Flooring

One of the amazing benefits of vinyl flooring is the durability and low maintenance necessary to keep it in pristine condition. However, just because it’s more durable than other flooring options doesn’t mean you don’t have to take care of it! Our experts at Floor Coverings International® of are here to provide the knowledge you… Read more »

Carpet Flooring Style Guide for 2020

Carpet styles and technology are always changing and with the new year upon us, we put together a quick style guide for you. We know that choosing the perfect carpet can be overwhelming because of the wide variety of carpet colors and styles we have at Floor Coverings International® of .  But don’t worry, our… Read more »

Selecting the Best Carpet for St. Petersburg Homeowners

Carpet remains a staple flooring material for families all over Florida, and Floor Coverings International® of is proud to bring high-quality carpet solutions to homeowners in . The versatility, variety, and comfort of carpet flooring means that it can be enjoyed by any homeowner in any location! Looking to make your first carpet purchase? Look… Read more »

Favorite Floors for Humid Climates

Plush carpets and worn wood floors certainly look beautiful, but Florida homeowners require durable, breathable solutions suitable for our humid climate. Flooring plays an important role in any home’s interior, affecting thermal insulation, air circulation, and everything in between. That’s why homeowners in turn to the experts at Floor Coverings International® of for help! Your… Read more »

The Benefits of Installing Luxury Vinyl Flooring in St. Petersburg

Vinyl products have made great strides in recent years to become a top rival to many traditional flooring options. Luxury vinyl, a result of these modern innovations, differs from conventional vinyl in that it offers a larger design range and is five times thicker, which provides extra protection. Read on to learn why luxury vinyl… Read more »

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