backsplash in st. petersburgThe materials for designing your preferred tile backsplash are abundant. Gone are the days when plain tiles used to reign. Today, backsplashes are both elegant and elaborate. Unfortunately, abundance has left homeowners with a daunting task of finding and choosing. Here are a few tips from the team at Floor Coverings International of St. Petersburg to help you pick the best look for your kitchen or bath.

1. Mix Materials

Combine several materials such as glass tile and stone mosaics to create beautiful products. After mixing, apply “metal stix” mosaics, a typical tile with long and interlocking pieces.

Alternatively, try cement tiles with shades to increase dimension and fix a backsplash having varying sizes from the same substance. A slight variation will significantly enhance your design’s aesthetic value.

2. Custom Tiles

A skilled artisan can craft an elegant custom tile. Custom tile is suitable for any home design. Install cast tiles in your hood space to develop a mural effect.

3. Pattern

Modern technology has contributed significantly to the development of different tile designs including water jet styles. Distinct machines that use high-pressure water jets make the patterns by cutting glass materials and stones. Later, they shape them into an array of designs.

Although water jet models are costly, you can manage their price by using them sparingly in herringbones and rhomboids. They enhance your floor’s beauty.

4. Embrace your style

Determine your desired personal style before choosing a particular design. It may be contemporary, transitional, and traditional or a blend of different styles. A personal style guides in selecting appropriate materials for your tile backsplash design. If you are uncertain about your style, research widely or consult floor specialists.

5. Magic Formula

To create an even look in your kitchen, it’s essential to ensure that your backsplash, countertop, and floor match. Avoid treating tile backsplash as a single item in the entire space. All components need to be compatible for you to attain the overall target effect.

6. Glass

Glass is a unique material which creates a transitional and contemporary ambiance. Use glass as decorative liners, water jet designs, and simple tiles. Glass mosaics with a combination of pearl, metal, precious gems and stone increases your home’s texture. Different glass hues and textures allow the backsplashes to have a complicated movement.

When constructing or renovating your St. Petersburg home, make sure to consult with the flooring experts at Floor Coverings International of St. Petersburg to get a variety of designs to choose from.

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