tile flooring in St. Petersburg, FLHow you decorate and design your home says a lot about your style. Interior design is a great way to express your creativity. One great outlet for this creativity is your flooring. Tile is a very popular material here in St. Petersburg because of its sleek style, versatility, and the fact that it can be used for other things, such as countertops and backsplashes. Choosing the tile that best fits your style is important if you want your design to accurately reflect your individual tastes and personality. Here we’ll explore some different types of tile and what they say about your style.


Admired for its dark and rustic vibe, slate is an elegant choice for flooring as well as wall tile. One of the most appealing things about slate is its wide range of color variations. You can find slate in dark grays and blues, as well as hues of warm gold and rust. Those who prefer earthy décor schemes like to incorporate slate tile into their home, often pairing it with wood fixtures to create a classic rustic look. Another great perk is you don’t have to let your décor be confined by the walls of your home. Slate is also popular for outdoor use as patio flooring.


This style of tile is an interesting one. Unlike the majority of tile, terrazzo is not a purely natural material. It’s made of a conglomeration of different materials usually bound together by cement. This composition gives it a unique and ultra-textured look. Common materials used in terrazzo include marble, granite, and chips of recycled glass. After being assembled, terrazzo is polished to have a smooth finish. This versatile design is incredibly durable and gives a space a unique personality.


Travertine tile has been a favorite in St. Petersburg homes for years. Usually light in color, travertine is often used in elegant settings. It creates a soft look and is a good neutral foundation to build the rest of your design upon. It’s a type of porous limestone admired for its color variations, most often displayed in creamy whites and beiges.

Shapes & Sizes

One favorable benefit of tile is the creative freedom you have in making your flooring or wall design. Cutting the tiles into various shapes and sizes can create interesting and unique patterns. Alternatively, uniform squares make a clean and simple design. Playing with the geometric patterns found in tiles can be a fun way to build upon the existing style displayed by the material of tile you choose.

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Photo: © pics721