Many St. Petersburg families are hesitant to invest in new hardwood floors because they believe hardwood isn’t compatible with pets. But what if we told you that you could have the floors of your dreams without sending Fido to the doghouse? At Floor Coverings International of St. Petersburg, we help St. Petersburg homeowners find the floors of their dreams, and many of our customers ask us about the challenges of maintaining their hardwood floors with pets. Here are four tips for making sure your hardwood stays in tip-top shape in spite of your furry companions.

1. Pay attention to the Janka hardness rating.

Hardwod flooring is rated for strength on the Janka hardness scale. This number is a great predictor for how much use and abuse a given hardwood species—oak, maple, walnut—can take. For pet owners, it’s important to make sure your hardwood options are sturdy and resistant to scratches. A hardwood like red oak, with a rating of 1,290, is a great option for dogs and cats. With a rating of 995, pet owners may want to avoid more fragile woods like cherry.

st petersburg hardwood cat

2. Clip your dog’s nails.

This is less of an issue for cats because they have retractable claws. Your canine’s nails need to be regularly trimmed to ensure they don’t mar your gorgeous hardwood floors. According to the ASPCA, your dog’s nails should be short enough that they are not touching the ground. So if you hear clicking when Fido is walking, it’s time for a trim.

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3. Buy your animal a bed.

Dogs sleep an average of twelve hours per day. Cats sleep even more—around fifteen hours! Much of this time dreaming of tennis balls is spent curled up on your hardwood floors. This may seem innocuous, but pet hair wears down your floor’s beautiful finish over time. An easy solution is to buy your pet its own bed to sleep on. They’ll sleep better and you’ll sleep better knowing your hardwood is safe.

st petersburg hardwood cat

4. Vacuum your floors!

Whip out the old dust buster at least once per week. Vacuuming is just as important for hardwood as it is for carpeting because dirt, dust, and pet dander accumulate on hardwood floors. Over time, this can cause damage. Be sure to invest in a vacuum cleaner that is hardwood-safe—that is, will not scratch hardwood.

st petersburg hardwood cat

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