Area Rug St PetersburgArea rugs are a functional and stylish addition to any home. Whether you’re searching for an area rug to serve as the centerpiece in your design or looking for more protection for your hardwood flooring, the Floor Coverings International St. Petersburg team is certain there’s a perfect rug for you.

Why Add an Area Rug?

By adding an area rug to your space, you gain valuable protection for your flooring. Area rugs serve as a buffer between your floors and the outside world, which is especially important for hardwood flooring. Area rugs lessen the impact of sharp objects like pet claws or high heels, and they also soften the surface underfoot for young children or those who prefer the coziness of carpet.

Area rugs are also a fantastic way to break up the monochromatic look of hardwood flooring, especially in open floor plans. Homeowners who have hardwood or another hard surface flooring throughout long stretches of their home will enjoy the ways area rugs bring new life to the space, as well as the ways these rugs can dampen sounds in the home. Where hardwood flooring bounces sound throughout a room, an area rug lessens the noise—a great perk for families with children and pets!

Book Your Design Consultation

With so many different patterns, textures, and weaves on the market, it’s helpful to get an expert’s opinion as you choose your next area rug. At Floor Coverings International St. Petersburg, we give you just that. When you schedule a free Design Consultation, we’ll bring our Mobile Showroom to you, so you can view all of our samples at work in your own design scheme. Our Design Associate will lend their experienced eye to the project to help you select the perfect rugs for your spaces. Call us today to schedule your free Design Consultation and begin the process of selecting the perfect area rug for your home.


Photo: yampi