berber carpet st petersburgIf you’re looking for a carpet option that does it all in the greater St. Petersburg area, look no further than Berber carpeting at Floor Coverings International St. Petersburg. Berber carpeting combines almost all of the elements homeowners seek in carpeting into one affordable, attractive, package. If you’re looking for style, durability, and stain resistance at an appealing price point, Berber carpeting might just be the fit for you.

The Basics of Berber

You may not have heard the term “Berber” carpeting before, but you’ve certainly seen this distinctive option in both homes and residential settings. Berber carpeting is known for its cut-pile construction, featuring a knotted weave in the pile, and is most recognizable as a beige carpeting with flecks of lighter colors against a darker background.

Advantages of Berber Carpeting

Style. Berber carpeting is available in a variety of styles and options, whether you’re interested in a nylon or olefin Berber carpet, additional stain resistance, or a particular aesthetic style. At Floor Coverings International, we carry a wide selection of different Berber styles and options and are happy to help you find the perfect fit for your project.

Stain Resistance. Berber’s knotted weave makes it naturally stain resistant. Unlike other carpeting types, where a spill can quickly sink within the carpet’s layers and penetrate the carpet’s padding, Berber carpeting’s weave provides a natural barrier against dirt and debris. Spills, stains, and dust are more likely to get caught on Berber’s surface, where they can quickly and easily be removed to keep your carpet in top shape.

Durability. In addition to stain resistance, Berber’s weave also helps it to maintain its shape and appearance against life’s everyday challenges. Investing in Berber carpet is a decision that will continue to pay dividends throughout the long life of your new carpet.

Price Point. We saved the best for last! What often draws homeowners to Berber more than any other option is the way this carpet choice combines all of its benefits into an affordable package. Berber carpets won’t pack the same punch to your wallet as other carpeting types, and you also won’t need to sacrifice on quality to gain the savings.

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Photo: Anne Kitzman