frieze carpet st petersburgFrieze carpeting is a low maintenance option that does it all—it’s stylish, easy to clean, and durable enough to withstand even heavy foot traffic. At Floor Coverings International St. Petersburg, we provide a vast selection of Frieze carpeting styles and options for the greater St. Petersburg area.

What Is Frieze Carpeting

Frieze carpeting is an attractive low-pile option that offers an easy to clean surface for residential and commercial properties alike. The secret behind Frieze carpeting’s easy maintenance is its yarn. The yarn in Frieze carpets tends to fold over on itself, so it’s unlikely to show vacuum tracks, footprints and dirt. That folded weave also makes Frieze carpeting incredibly durable. It’s able to “bounce back” well from foot traffic, and it won’t wear down easily over its years of use.

All of those traits combine to make Frieze carpeting a smart choice for almost any space—it’s able to withstand the traffic of a commercial property, the challenges of family life, or the play of pets. At Floor Coverings International St. Petersburg, we carry a large stock of Frieze carpeting in a variety of colors and styles, so we’re sure to have a carpet that matches your design vision and offers all the benefits Frieze is famous for.

Disadvantages of Frieze Carpeting

One drawback to consider before investing in a Frieze carpet is the carpet’s “feel.” The same folded yarn patterns that help Frieze stand up to the challenges of everyday life also mean that the carpet isn’t as fluffy as some owners would prefer.  After considering all the advantages, though, many owners in high-traffic situations are satisfied with the tradeoff to gain the advantages of Frieze’s durability.

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