plush carpeting in st. petersburgCharacterized by a smooth, even, clean-cut look, plush carpeting is one of the most popular carpet styles on the market today. It’s a versatile option and can be incorporated into many different environments. Here we’ll take a look at the facts of plush carpet flooring so you can find out if it’s the best fit for your St. Petersburg home.

The Plush Basics

During plush carpeting’s construction, the densely packed fibers are sheared evenly, which gives it the soft and smooth surface. Most plush carpets come in solid colors that make a nice neutral base on which to build an interior. Although plush carpets are very versatile and can go great in more casual settings, they really thrive in more elegant spaces. The smooth, uniformly sheared fibers create a sophisticated look in areas such as living rooms, parlors, and dens. Plush carpeting is also fairly durable, which allows it to hold up well for a long time, even in high-traffic areas of the home. However, even though the solid-colored, evenly cut appearance is an aesthetic advantage, it also makes plush carpet unable to conceal dirt well. These carpet styles generally require more frequent vacuuming, and they also have a tendency to show footprints and vacuum tracks.

Plush Carpet Maintenance Tips

In addition to regular vacuuming, there are some maintenance tips St. Petersburg homeowners should follow to help maximize the life and beauty of a plush carpet. In the event of a spill, use a damp towel to blot the spill, starting on the outer edges and moving toward the center. You want to make sure not to scrub, as that makes the spill much harder to remove and more likely to stain. It can be a good idea to have your plush carpet floors professionally steam cleaned once a year. This occasional deep clean can refresh your floors and keep your carpeting looking healthy. Since plush carpets are cut pile rather than loop pile, they are subject to having their fibers crushed by prolonged heavy furniture placement. It’s recommended to rotate your furniture every once in awhile to prevent this permanent damage.

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