It’s not often that a small home project canstair carpeting for st. petersburg reinvigorate your design scheme and add important safety features to your home. Those who opt to install stair carpeting in their homes, though, will receive all that and more. At Floor Coverings International St. Petersburg, we provide stair carpeting (also known as “stair runners”) for the greater St. Petersburg area. Read on to learn how stair carpeting can help to transform your St. Petersburg home.

Why Install Stair Carpeting?

If you’re thinking about installing stair carpeting, you may already be familiar with some of the benefits of this home feature. The most persuasive reason to install a stair runner in your home is for its added safety. By utilizing a stair runner, you can help prevent slips and falls on your staircase, which is critically important for families with young children or older residents. Stair carpeting also, though, serves as a way to reimagine your interior design. A stair runner choice that adds patterns or pops of color to your home will become a focal point of your space and can breathe fresh life into your home’s aesthetic without requiring a massive design overhaul. Finally, one of the lesser-known benefits of stair runners is their ability to dampen sound in your home. Stair runners are used to cover hard surface flooring, which typically bounces or amplifies sound throughout your home. A stair runner will help dampen this noise, bringing you a little more quiet along with beauty and safety.

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Photo: Iriana Shiyan