Are you looking for a way to bring some extra character to your St. Petersburg home? Then look no further than distressed hardwood. With a large selection of colors and styles, Floor Coverings International of St. Petersburg is here for all of your flooring needs. Learn more about this unique flooring, and then get in touch with us to discover how our combination of personalized service and national buying power can provide you with an exceptional floor buying experience.

Distressed Hardwood Flooring in St. Petersburg

What Is Distressed Hardwood?

Distressed hardwood has a unique, weathered look to it that is created by purposefully scratching and denting the flooring. Though very similar to hand-scraped hardwood, the primary difference between distressed and hand-scraped flooring is that a machine almost always creates the former. With various knives and drills, machines are able to create a worn, vintage-looking hardwood that can contrast well with a modern styled home or compliment a rustic interior.

Benefits of Distressed Hardwood

Distressed hardwood has a number of home-improving benefits that will make this a worthwhile investment for years to come. Besides bringing a unique, vintage aesthetic to your home, distressed hardwood has a number of practical applications as well. The purposely dented and scratched flooring makes it the perfect surface for homeowners with families or pets. Future flooring damage will be easily concealed by the pocketed and scraped surface of your floors. Therefore, the next time little Fido scampers across the floor, or your toddler throws their toy, your flooring won’t be destroyed. Instead, the dents will be readily absorbed by the flooring and contribute to the overall character it brings to your home.

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