st petersburg engineered hardwood floor

In St. Petersburg, if hardwood comes up in conversation, you’re probably thinking of traditional solid hardwood: floor planks milled from a single source. In the case of solid hardwood, every plank is built from the same species of wood.

Engineered hardwood, while not comprised of a single wood species, is nonetheless completely and genuinely made of wood! The main difference is that engineered hardwood is made up of different wood layers.

Based on the classic look of its solid cousin, engineered hardwood is a careful design of strength and fortitude. Boasting enhanced stability, longevity, and only a minor need for maintenance, engineered hardwood floors are a modern marvel in home flooring. Join us today as we at Floor Coverings International of St. Petersburg overview this superb achievement in flooring.

Engineered for Success

While engineered hardwood looks identical to solid hardwood on the surface, this is where the similarities end. Engineered hardwood is actually a complex layering of plywood segments criss-crossed for supreme stability. On top of this layered portion, there is a surface veneer of hardwood, making for a perfect replication of solid hardwood flooring. Beauty on the surface, ingenuity beneath!

Traditional hardwood suffers from moisture issues in humid climates. It is almost never installed in basements for this reason, having a tendency to cultivate mold and mildew under these circumstances. But engineered hardwood is an answer to these problems, structured to block the accumulation of moisture, thereby remaining fresh beneath the surface.

st petersburg engineered hardwood floor

Engineered hardwood also avoids the warping issue that plagues solid hardwood floors, remaining straight and shapely despite changing temperatures and humidity levels in the environment.

On the topic of the environment, solid and engineered hardwoods both require the harvesting of trees. But compared to solid hardwood, engineered hardwood veneers require less material extracted from the surface area of a tree for the same floor space coverage.

As for the layered core of an engineered hardwood floor, the interior components are harvested from fast-growing trees. All in all, engineered hardwood uses less raw material, and easier-to-replenish material, from nature than a solid hardwood floor.

Your Local Flooring Engineers

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