Oak is the most popular hardwood in the United States. By some estimates, it accounts for over forty percent of the hardwood in American homes. St. Petersburg is no different—we love the look at feel of oak hardwood flooring! At Floor Coverings International of St. Petersburg, we help St. Petersburg families find the right flooring to complement their unique needs. Read on to see if oak is the right option for you.

The Oak Hardwood Family

We think of oak as less of a species and more of a family of hardwoods. Across North America, there are hundreds of species of oak trees. Two species make up the majority of oak hardwood flooring: white (Quercus alba) and red (Quercus rubra). Although they share a name, they are aesthetically very different hardwoods.

White Oak

white oak hardwood flooring

White Oak Hardwood is light with subtle grain lines.

White is the more popular of the two oak varieties. Despite its name, it is generally found in colors ranging from grey or beige to medium brown. White oak has a closed-pore cellular structure, which means it is not easilly stained. This property also makes it more water resilient than your typical hardwood. White oak is a strong, affordable, and beautiful hardwood. That’s why it is so popular in St. Petersburg homes.

Red Oak

red oak hardwood flooring

Red Oak has a deep, red hue and wavy grain lines.

Red oak could not look more different. It earns its moniker from its subtle red undertones. Ranging in color from amber to light brown, red oak is a great option for homeowners who want their flooring to have some rustic character. Staining red oak can make it difficult to discern from white oak. In that case, just look at the wood grain. White oak has a very straight, even grain with subtle swirls, whereas red oak has a wild, wavy grain with exaggerated swirls.

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