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Choose Floor Coverings International for all your solid hardwood flooring needs in the greater St. Petersburg, Florida area. Hardwood floors are extremely desirable in St. Petersburg homes because of their classic beauty and durability. There are three types of wood options to consider: solid, engineered, and laminate.

What makes solid hardwood different from engineered hardwood floors is that solid wood floors are crafted from a single piece of timber. Engineered hardwoods are constructed using multiple layers of different woods. Laminate hardwoods are made using a high-density fiberboard, where a wood image is bonded to it in addition to a protective wear layer.

Advantages & Disadvantages

One main advantage of solid hardwood flooring is that it can be cleaned very easily. Solid hardwood can also be sanded and refinished multiple times which means that it can be used in your home for years to come even if scuffs and scrapes appear.

Choosing hardwood floors gives you a number of different options in the style department. Solid hardwood flooring comes in common species such as oak, and also in more exotic forms such as Brazilian walnut. You can even customize your stain and finish so you can be sure to find a solid wood option that meets your needs. Distressing and scraping styles are also popular with solid wood floors.

However, solid hardwood is susceptible to heat and moisture damage. It can contract or expand depending on the temperature and humidity conditions of your home or office. Most installers compensate for this issue by leaving a small bit of space between the flooring and the wall during installation. If you are planning on installing hardwood in your basement or someplace that is very humid, you may want to consider engineered hardwood flooring instead. Be sure to choose a trusted installer or company such as Floor Coverings International of St. Petersburg to install your solid wood floors to minimize the chance of damage from buckling or warping due to improper installation.

Our Partners

Hardwood Logos Armstrong Shaw BruceWe partner with leading manufacturers to offer our customers a wide range of quality hardwood products at a competitive price. No matter if you’re looking for a domestic species or something more exotic, you’ll find an option that fits your needs at Floor Coverings International St. Petersburg.

Our team of flooring specialists have extensive experience in selling, designing, and installing hardwood floors for both residential and commercial spaces. We work with you from the very beginning of your project, from the free design consultation through installation and clean up. We are committed to completing your flooring project on time, on budget, and to your satisfaction. Call us today to schedule your free consultation for your St. Petersburg home!

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