walnut hardwoodYou’ve made the decision to install new hardwood flooring. Hardwood is a great investment, but there are so many choices! Many St. Petersburg FL homeowners ultimately decide on walnut hardwood floors. Being softer than some other wood types, walnut helps reduce noise levels throughout the home and absorbs shock well. It’s a versatile type of floor that has been used for generations. Read on to learn more about walnut hardwood from Floor Coverings International of St. Petersburg.

Walnut Varieties

When it comes to walnut, you’ll have several varieties to choose from to fit both your taste and budget. There are three kinds of walnut wood types—American Black Walnut, Brazilian Walnut, and Asian Walnut. American and Brazilian are the two most popular options. American is a quite a bit softer than Brazilian but still makes a great floor choice. Asian Walnut is the hardest of the three and is the most costly since it is imported. You can choose from strip, plank, and parquet pieces of wood, enabling you to design and customize your new floors according to personal preference of style and texture.

Classic Design

Walnut hardwood is a beautiful option and is one of the more attractive floor options because it’s stylish and has a luxurious appearance. Because walnut has a tight grain, it offers a uniform look throughout a room but is complimented with wavy textures to blend with the straight lines. Walnut hardwood is versatile enough to fit both classic and modern styles. Homeowners who ultimately decide on walnut for their floors are pleased with the eye-catching results.

Add Value to Your St. Petersburg Home

You can’t go wrong with walnut flooring because it’ll add long-term value to your home. Installing it in rooms such as the living room or your bedrooms is a perfect way to increase your home’s value while adding stylistic touch. Not to mention it’s easy to stain and polish walnut and it has good resistance to water damage, mold, and rot.

Get Started Today

Is your home ready for a new look? Transform your space with walnut hardwood and you’ll be pleased with the results. Many people in the St. Petersburg area ultimately decide on walnut floors when it comes time to upgrade due to the many benefits it affords. Our team will be happy to guide you through the different walnut options for your new floors.

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